About Us

We are a cultural hub where all the best sights, sounds, and flavors of a community come together under one roof.

We aren’t just experts in developing and managing successful food halls, we create a disruptive entertainment and dining concept in local communities. We are innovators setting a new standard in F&B and real estate. An e-commerce proof, sustainable anchor tenant on the leading edge of culture.


Curation is much more than just how we choose our vendors. It’s an ever-evolving process that goes beyond food to satisfy consumer tastes, incorporate current trends, and feature undiscovered favorites. And most importantly… it never stops.


We believe we have a commitment to bring an unrivaled selection of diverse cuisines to our food halls.


We start by sourcing locally, championing flavors of the community. We expand regionally–and even nationally–only if necessary to ensure we present the best food, quality, and execution.


We enhance our offerings with proven proficiency in design, culinary expertise, menu engineering, and marketing.


We never stop. And we never limit our curation process to just food. Cocktails, entertainment, atmosphere, events…the experience is constantly evolving to meet consumer tastes and current trends.

What Does it All Mean?

It means we deliver high-quality, chef-driven food, social cocktailing, and a diverse variety of entertainment experiences. We create a platform for chefs, restaurateurs, mixologists, brewers, and entertainers. We offer an immersive place for people to gather, unplug, and connect.

It’s something that can’t be ordered online.
More than a destination, it’s an experience.

It only gets better from here.
And we’d love to hear from you.